Top 4 Best Mirror Gun Safes In 2023

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Gun safes are huge, and hard to move around, and let’s be honest they really aren’t for everyone. So what else are you going to do with those firearms? Well what about combining your mirror, and the gun safe.

Unfortunately there are not a ton of great options for a quality mirror gun safe, but the ones that are out there are great options.

Make sure to read through till the end of the article on this one, as there are some things you should know about mirror safes before you buy one, as just like full size gun safes, they may not be for everyone.

This list is also not really in any specific order, as three of them are Tactical Walls and have similar quality.

1. Tactical Walls 1450 Full Length

[Image courtesy of Tactical Walls]

This is Tactical Wall’s largest version of their mirror. It includes a full length mirror, and a choice of insert for the interior.

The awesome thing about this full length mirror is the interior options.

You can either have the full interior open, or you can half a half standard interior, with the other half being one of Stack-On’s wall safes.

This means you can have added security, as well as quick access to the interior of the mirror.

The Tactical walls 1450 is also built to be able to be put in between the studs of the wall, meaning you only have to cut sheetrock.

Great places to put this mirror safe

Full length mirrors tend to be found in bedrooms, or closets. So I would make sure to keep it in those places to make sure it isn’t noticeable as a safe.


  • Dimensions: 60” High by 22.5” Wide by 3.5” Deep
  • Insert Depth: 3.5” Deep
  • Lock Style: Magnetic
  • Material: Door is made of wood, interior is made from ABS plastic.
  • Hinge Style: Choice of sliding, or standard hinge
  • Weight: 48 pounds

2. Tactical Walls 1440 Mid Length Mirror Safe

The Mid Length Mirror Safe by Tactical Walls is their mid-range version. It has all of the same great features as the longer version, but in a smaller package.

The main differences between this and the larger version, is that you can only have the hinged style, and not the sliding door. However you are still able to have half open, and the other half be a wall safe behind the mirror.

Where would I put this mirror safe

This is a mirror you would find probably in a living room or a guest bedroom. So I would probably put it in those locations.


  • Dimensions: 50” High by 22.5” Wide by 3.5” Deep
  • Insert Depth: 3.5” Deep
  • Lock Style: Magnetic
  • Material: Wood and ABS Plastic
  • Hinge Style: Standard Hinge
  • Weight: 40 pounds

3. Tactical Walls 1420 Short Length Mirror Safe

Tactical Walls Mirror opened up
[Image courtesy of Tactical Walls]

This is of course Tactical Wall’s Smallest Mirror Safe, and is probably the one most people will end up purchasing. It 

Like the largest of the three by Tactical Walls, you can choose from either a sliding door, or the hinge door. You can also choose to either have a locker (open-style) interior, or the Stack-On wall safe interior for an added cost. However due to the size, it is either or, and you are unable to have both.

Where you can put this mirror safe

This would be perfect for putting next to the door, as many people have these smaller mirrors there. I don’t think it would work super well in a bedroom though.


  • Dimensions: 30.25” High by 22.5” Wide by 2” Deep
  • Insert Depth: 3.5” Deep
  • Lock Style: Magnetic
  • Material: Wood and ABS Plastic
  • Hinge Style: Sliding or hinged
  • Weight: 25 pounds

4. Hidden Reflections Full-Length Mirror – American Concealed Furniture

I decided to add this one first, because it is the only non Tactical Walls product and didn’t want it to get lost, as it does appear to be a great Mirror options!

This is a full size mirror, that can have tons of different finishes as well as colors.

It also is the only one on this list with a key locking mechanism, which many will desire over the magnetic alternative. 

One other feature that really stands out, is that it has a metal backing behind the mirror for added rigidity.


  • Dimensions: 62” High by 22” Wide by 4” Deep
  • Insert Depth: 3.75” Deep
  • Lock Style: Key lock
  • Material: Wood, metal, and plastic
  • Hinge Style: Sliding door
  • Weight: Unknown

Features a mirror gun safe should have

Mirror safes are not like a normal safe, they don’t have the same locking styles or materials, so here are some features you want to make sure your mirror safe has before buying it.

Easy access lock

As you will find a little later on in this article, mirror safes don’t have normal locks. So instead of looking for a combo lock, you want to make sure the lock on this mirror is going to be easy and  quick to use, but is hard enough to figure out that not anyone can just open it.

Quality materials

Mirror gun safes aren’t cheap, with many of them being more expensive than a normal safe. So make sure when you are buying it that it has the quality it deserves. The safes in this article above should all follow that.

Looks like a mirror

You have to make sure the safe actually looks like what it is meant to be. Otherwise if someone breaks in, they will know right away where to go to break into the safe.

What to think about before buying a mirror gun safe

Before we jump into the list, we should first discuss what is needed to own a mirror gun safe.

Not truly locked

For the most part, if you buy a mirror gun safe, you won’t have a truly locked gun safe and if someone does know they are there, they will easily be able to gain access by just ripping the face off of the wall.

Also, because of this, I wouldn’t use this as a primary place to store valuables and firearms for long periods of time, especially if you are gone from home.

A big hole in the wall

Yep, that’s right. You have to put a giant hole in the wall to put a mirror gun safe in it. Much like wall safes, your items are stored on the inside of the wall. So you have to cut a hole in it to install the unit correctly.

This isn’t great for those that rent a home, or don’t want to damage their home to install the mirror gun safe.

How to install a mirror safe

As we have talked about earlier on, a mirror safe is exactly like a wall safe. Basically you will cut a hole in the sheetrock between two studs. Then you are going to bolt the mirror safe into the studs to keep it secure. Once you do that, you can install the door and you now have a mirror wall safe!


Now that you have read through this article, you should know what to look for, what to think about, and which mirror safes to look at.

They obviously are not for everyone, as they can be expensive, and they really aren’t a perfect replacement for a normal gun safe, however for those that this is right for, you now know what to buy.

If there aren’t enough options for a mirror safe, getting a wall safe and hanging something over it may be a better option. Here is an article for that! Or you can read this article about some other diversion safe ideas.