4 Things You Didn’t Know About Champion Safes

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Champion Safes may not be quite as well known as Browning, Liberty, or Fort Knox, however it is right with them if now exceeds in quality, and is right there with them in location.

They are about 19 minutes from Liberty, and around that distance to the rest of them.

They specialize in high end safes, and their starting level safe, the GR safe is 12 gauge American Made steel. This puts it at competing with Mid range safes by its closest competitors. They don’t kid around.

[Safe image courtesy of Champion Safes]

1. Made in America

All steel used in our safes is American-Made

It is difficult to exactly determine how much stronger American made steel is as compared to Chinese steel, however American products do tend to have much stricter standards that have to be passed. So having not only American Assembled safes, but even the steel being made in America is a huge selling point.

2. Keeping it local (to the USA)

“ We have never imported a safe from China, unlike most of our competition.

Champion Safes is very open on their site about their opinions of the difference between a Chinese made safe, as well as a USA Made safe. They have really put some time and effort into creating a great product, as well as create American jobs.

They also only work with very specific retailers, and don’t plan on ever going into any big box retailers.

3. Taking the extra “step”

“We have an exclusive Double-Steel Door Casement™ which strengths the door frame and increases pry-resistance

The Double-Steel Door Casement is essentially an added “step”s to the door. Where most gun safe manufacturers leave their door casement alone, and then the door goes into that, Champion safes adds extra steps down into the door. So when you open the door, it has a bunch of angles to it.

This makes it so pry bars can’t get leverage as they have to get passed so many steps to get to the inside for the safe.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, but hopefully the image below gives a good idea! Just think about having to pry past that.

[Image courtesy of Champion Safes]

4. Home Safes, and vaults

We now build vault doors and an estate series safe that has a wood drawer system

A vault door is for those who just can’t quite fit everything into a gun safe, and that have an extra room that they are able to block off. This makes it so you can seal all of your belongings away from the world. 

It is also great to see that they have a home safe line now! There are so few good versions on the market today, so it is awesome to see more being put onto the market.


Champion Safes is always worth looking into if you are shopping for a gun safe. They offer a full array of premium safes, for a great price!

To read a little bit more about Champion Safes, here is a great overview of the company.