Top 11 Best Quality Wall Safes in 2023

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In the sea of knock-off manufacturers you find online in the world of wall safes, this article is meant to help you sift through those to find the best, and most reliable options on the market. With years of experience in the gun safe market, I have the knowledge to know which manufacturers you should get, and the ones you might want to steer clear from.

So without any more to do, here are the best wall safes on the market today! After that, we will also go through a buyers guide for these safes, so you will be 100% sure to know what to think about before making your purchase.

1. Stealth WSHD1414 Heavy Duty Wall Safe (Best USA Made)

External Dimensions14″ high by 14″ wide by 10″ deep
Steel Gauge12 gauge

If you are looking for a bit more than the competition when it comes to your wall safe, and budget isn’t too much of a worry for you, then the Stealth WSHD1414 is an awesome option.

With a 12 gauge steel body (this is what I consider the start of any quality full-size safe), and a 1/2″ door (this is what will be facing outwards), this safe is one hefty wall safe (73 pounds to be exact).

With so many options on the market for extremely lightweight wall safes, this one stands out as an awesome, all-around option for those that just want a bit more.

As one of the few options out there with a mechanical lock, and a name-brand S&G Mechanical Lock at that, it serves as one of the most reliable as well.

2. SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe (Best for Long Guns)

External Dimensions44″ high by 16.25″ wide by 4″ deep
Steel Gauge16 gauge
LockElectronic w/ Key Backup

I have long been a fan of Snapsafe, as they offer one of my favorite modular gun safes. Since the introduction of their Titan Safes, they have expanded their products to quite a few other ones as well!

That is where their line of wall safes comes in, and this one is my favorite for long guns. Gone are the days when a wall safe is this small contraption, as this one can handle a couple of long guns (as long as they are less than 40.7″ of the interior).

This 55-pound gun safe offers an electronic lock with a key bypass, 3 shelves that can be installed if you don’t plan on keeping long guns in it and is 44″ high by 16.25″ wide by 4″ deep on the exterior.

That said, unlike the Stealth safe we talked about above, this one is made from 16 gauge steel, so it will be relying a bit more on you hiding the safe than on it being ridged.

3. Amsec WS1214E5 Wall Safe (Best Heavy Duty)

External Dimensions12.63″ high by 14.13″ wide by 10″ deep
Steel GaugeUnknown Body – 3/4″ Door
LockMechanical Lock

Now, if you liked the Stealth safe at the top of this list, but wish it had even more steel and was even more expensive, then the Amsec WS1214E5 is the best option for you.

At 86 pounds of 3/4″ solid steel plate door, and unknown body steel, this safe should stop people in their tracks. It offers a high-end electronic lock made by Amsec themselves, and even has a relocker installed (basically will trip if the safe is tampered with).

Amsec is one of the best manufacturers of gun safes on the market today, offering plenty of high-end gun safes for residential and businesses alike.

They don’t mess around with their products, and this wall safe is no different. I would have no problem installing this into a wall, and be sure it is the best solution out there.

4. SnapSafe Wall Safe Standard (Best Value)

External Dimensions22″ high by 16.25″ wide by 4.0” deep
Steel Gauge16 gauge
LockElectronic Lock w/ Key Backup

Snapsafe recently, completely revamped their standard size wall safe, and it is so much better than it used to be. This isn’t necessarily saying the old one was terrible, but the new one is just that much better.

This new version has a vertically oriented 4-digit keypad, with tactile buttons to allow for you to feel the buttons in the dark (also comes with a key backup).

It also has changed its color from black, to a textured light gray, so that it blends better into the color of what most people’s wall are (off-white).

Sure, it still retains the 16 gauge steel of its predecessor, but hey, most wall safes are that thickness, and this is one of the best of those thinner steel options.

5. Barska AX12038 Wall Safe (Best Biometric Wall Safe)

External Dimensions20.75″ high by 15.4″ wide by 3.73″ deep
Steel GaugeUnknown (Likely 16 gauge)
LockBiometric Lock w/ Key Backup

There is such a huge veriety of lock options, including RFID (see the Diversion Safe Stash lower down). However, one common lock option that many people want is a good fingerprint lock.

While I have said over and over on this site, I am not a huge fan of biometric locks, unless they are high end, Barska is my one exception.

This Barska Wall Safe is probably the one wall safe with a biometric lock that I would recommend. This manufacture sells many, many different versions of their biometric lock, and have for many years. With this experience they have created a reliable, low failure lock.

Outside of the locking mechanism, this safe is very similar to the other options on this list (which is overall a good thing).

6. Tactical Walls 1420 Concealment Mirror (Best Mirror Wall Safe)

External Dimensions30.25” high by 22.5” wide by 2” deep
Steel GaugeN/A
Tactical Walls Mirror opened up
[Image courtesy of Tactical Walls]

Tactical Walls is one of the few manufacturers out there right now that makes a high quality mirror gun safe on the market right now. The 1420 Concealment mirror is their smallest option, and is my personal favorite.

It is essentially like every other wall safe on this list, however it is its own camouflage, as the door is a sliding mirror (or picture, blackboard, etc).

The safe is made of real wood, and it is easily opened using a magnetic style locking mechanism.

If you want to have a safe that is both extremely usable both for storage, but also as a mirror, this is going to be a great option.

If you want it for your room, I would recommend the full length, if you want it for anywhere else, then this 1420 is the best option out there.

7. Protex PWS-1814E Safe Electronic Wall Safe (Best for Offices)

External Dimensions18″ high by 14″ wide by 3″ deep
Steel GaugeUnknown
LockElectronic Lock w/ Key Backup

Protex is not super well known in the residential safe market, however they are one of the best in the commercial market! They are known drop boxes, deposit safes, floor safes and more. However, they do make this wall safe that might just be the right one for you.

This safe uses a high quality electronic locking mechanism (with a key backup, just in case), and has plenty of the same features you would expect from a wall safe, such as shelves, high quality steel and more.

If you are someone that likes a commercial grade safe for your den, or office, this is an awesome product for you.

8. Mesa Safe MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe (Best Additional Wall Safe)

External Dimensions‎22.13″ high by 15″ wide by 6″ deep
Steel GaugeUnknown
LockElectronic Lock w/ Key Backup

If you are to this point in the list, and your eyes haven’t glossed over from all of the similar products on this list, I applaud you.

That said, my goal is to show you all of the great options, even if they are similar, as there are plenty of bad options on the market (those don’t show up on this list).

So that said, if you don’t like any other options above, this Mesa Safe might hit the mark! It again, has many similar features to what you are used to on this list, however this one might fit your home better if you have beige walls.

Mesa Safes has been around for a long time, and has built up a good reputation in the industry, and I wouldn’t bat and eye at buying one of their products if it fit my needs.

9. Diversion Safe Stash (Best Larger Diversion Wall Safe)

External Dimensions3″D x 7″W x 15″ High by 7″ wide by 3″ deep
Steel GaugeN/A

If you on the hunt for a great diversion wall safe, and you don’t want to hide it behind a picture or mirror, this little safe is an awesome option.

The safe looks just like an HVAC vent, however it is easily opened with an RFID lock. Sure, it may not be the heaviest duty option on this list, however it might buy you quite a bit of time in the event of someone breaking into your home.

Remember, when you buy a safe, you are buying time, not something impenetrable. So this one achieves that goal bit differently than other safes.

10. Elder Welder Outlet Wall Safe (Best Small Diversion Wall Safe)

External Dimensions3.15″ high by 6.15″ wide by 2.2″ deep
Steel GaugeN/A

Finally, a truly unique safe! This Elder Welder Outlet Wall Safe is an awesome option if you just want to store a couple small items, but out of sight. You can easily install this anywhere in your home, and it looks just like an outlet cover that everyone is used to.

When you want to gain access, you just unscrew the faceplate, and unlock the safe to get inside. Unlocking the safe with a key is actually rare with many of these safes, as most rely less on lockability, and more just on hiding the safe without a lock.

If you are wanting to hide your safe in plain site, for easy access, this is a great option, and one of the best like it I have ever seen.

One Note: I mentioned earlier in this article that I am only discussing brands I know well. I don’t know this brand well, so buy at your own risk.

11. Stack-On PWS-1822-E Wall Safe (Best Runner Up Safe)

External Dimensions‎23″ high by 16.3″ wide by 5″ deep
Steel GaugeUnknown (Likely 16 gauge)
LockElectronic Lock w/ Key Backup

Stack-On is the master of creating decent quality products at one of the best values on the market.

While there isn’t anything particularly special about this wall safe, as it conforms to most every other safe on this list, it does make for a great option.

One thing that does stand out about it, is the fact that Stack-On is a huge brand, that sells tons of safes.

This is always a good thing when you are buying a safe, as you can be sure that they will be sticking around, and able to stand up to their warranty.

What should you look for when buying a wall safe?

Quality of locking mechanism

Wall safes tend to be relatively inexpensive products! Because they can technically be cut out of the wall and taken with an intruder, most manufacturers don’t tend to go towards the high-end customer with their wall safes. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a reliable lock!

Make sure that when you are buying a wall safe, you recognize the brand of the safe as a reputable brand. Much like pistol safes, you won’t find brands like La Gard or SecuRAM on these safes, so doing your research into good brands of wall safes can mean the difference between a good and a bad wall safe.

Is the value there

You really should never have to overpay for a wall safe! Make sure to compare the features of each safe you are interested in, figure out what features you need, and buy the one that gives you everything you need for the best price. Don’t fall for the fancy-named products that say they are all that, but don’t live up to it.

What brand are you buying?

I have already mentioned this a bit, however, make sure you are buying a reputable brand wall safe! The manufacturers on the list above are all great brands.

However, if you are looking at buying one off this list, make sure to check for reviews of that safe, whether that be on the retailer’s site, or by searching online for them. Some safes make big promises but fail in the end.

Dimensions of the safe

Most all wall safes are built to the same width so that they can fit in between the standard wall studs in the USA build home. However, the depth and height of the safe can differ quite a bit! You will find small wall safes for just basic items, or you can find safes that are long enough to fit a long gun! Make sure to buy the one that fits your lifestyle the best.

Why should you own a wall safe?

There are a couple of great reasons why someone would want to own a wall safe. Here are just some of them:

  • Not easily seen or known about by intruders.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Generally is also something else that can be used, like a mirror

Why you may not want to own a wall-safe

  • Wall safes are not fire resistant
  • Generally not super secure
  • Have to cut into your wall, which is difficult for those that rent a home
  • If a thief has spent any time looking into these types of products, they will be able to recognize the most well-known versions
  • Can be found by children in the home, and without a great lock can be easily accessed
  • Can be cut out of the wall easily


Gun safes in the wall are a very specialized version of a safe. They won’t work for everyone, however, these safes will temporarily keep things out of reach of someone that is just visiting.

I may not plan on keeping anything in these safes when you are gone for a prolonged amount of time. I also wouldn’t keep my firearms in these safes permanently.

However, for quick access, a hidden safe, and the other pros of these safes, it could be a great option for some!

Also… the cool factor is great on these! The only issue is… you don’t want to tell anyone about them, because they wouldn’t be hidden anymore.

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