Want an American Flag? Browning has a safe for that.

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Let me start this article off by mentioning that I really like Browning safes, they offer some of the best interiors of any safe. They are easy to adjust, make usable, and are covered in rubber instead of carpet like many others.

What I also like is the quality of their workmanship! Prosteel is kind of a sister company to Browning and makes all of their safes.

The safes are known for all of the different decals like ducks, deer, scenery and so many other things.

But what about if you want something more tactical, more American? You have the Mark series. The Mark IV and Mark V are both meant for those that have tactical firearms, and want a safe to reflect that.

The Mark V is bascially a tactical version of the Sporter series, making it an import safe with 12 gauge steel.

Meanwhile, if you want something a bit more… rugged, you have the Mark IV, which is a mean looking Silver Series. Meaning it has 11 gauge steel, and is American made.

Oh, and I mentioned an American flag? They have the Stars and Stripes version of each safe that shows an American flag on it.

Want to learn more? Make sure to visit Browning’s site by clicking the button below.

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