An Update On DriftAway Coffee’s Cold Brew

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Recently, Driftaway coffee offered for me to do an update on their Cold Brew coffee, as I had done a full review a while back, however they have made some changes and wanted to see my thoughts.

Let me start off by saying, I think either I had forgotten how good their cold brew coffee is, or their new brews are just that much better. However this round of cold brew is downright the best cold brew coffee I have ever had.

That includes coffee shop cold brew, home made cold brew, or any other types of cold brew I have had.

If you are at all a fan of cold brew coffee, and want to start making your own at home, then you should definitely take a look at what DriftAway has to offer.

With that said, I want to dig into what has changed from last time I tried out their cold brew coffee!

What comes in the package?

Just like last time, the cold brew pack I got came with three different types of coffee! Here are the types of coffee:

Bright – This is an Ethiopian, Burundi blend that tastes like a mixture of brown sugar, cola and fruity tastes.

Balanced – This Nicaragua and Rwanda blend tastes like milk chocolate, maple syrup and caremel.

Bold – This blend is from Columbia and tastes like dark chocolate, nuts, and brown sugar.

I will say, while I enjoy coffee a ton, I do have a hard time tasting the difference between the blends. However I will say all of them are really, really, really good.

I am not saying this because it was sent to me for free, it just really is that good, and you should try it.


This by far is my favorite part of the Cold Brew. It is extremely smooth, great tasting cold brew coffee. It also definitely gives you a good kick of energy as well.

If you want to make cold brew at home, I really can’t emphasize how good their coffee is.

Ease of use

Just like last time, the coffee is in basically (for lack of better description) huge tea bags, and then you soak them in coffee.

You can read a full how-to in my article here, and not much has changed! It still is the easiest way to make cold brew at home.

Time it takes

Making cold brew at home takes time, and is not like normal coffee where it can be made in minutes.

This cold brew, like others takes about 12 hours to make a brew!


There was one difference in packaging that I could tell since the last time! They actually add your first name to the bottom of each of the packages of coffee. While not a necessary though, it was a really cool to see!


If you like cold brew, but just want to make it from home, I can’t recommend this coffee enough!

It’s going to be cheaper than buying it Starbucks, and considerably better.

While it won’t be necessarily be cheaper than making it from normal grounds, it will be much better tasting, and easier to make!