AMAHG Tested: FORLOH ThermoNeutral Down Jacket Review

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I am a big fan of coats, jackets, and all types of outerwear. When FORLOH approached me to try out one of their coats free of charge to test out, I was excited to get to try their Termoneutral Down Jacket and let you know if it is worth your hard-earned money.

With that said, let’s dig into what the FORLOH Thermoneutral Down Jacket is, what I like about it, and even more importantly, what I don’t like about it!

FORLOH Thermoneutral Down Jacket
  • USA made
  • Extremely high quality
  • Breathable yet water resistant
  • Usable pockets
  • Looks great, while still being practical
  • Very high price point
  • Fits a bit tighter than other coats of same size
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What is the FORLOH Thermoneutral Down Jacket?

The FORLOH Thermoneutral Down Jacket is a high-end puffer jacket built for everyday use but was specifically designed for hunting mind. With features that keep you warm when it is cold out and dry when you start to sweat, it is a coat that promises to do it all. Here are its stand-out features, and then we will see if it holds up to them!

  • 650 Fill RDS Duck Down – RDS stands for Responsible Down Standard, which is a standard for making sure that ducks are treated humanely. This down is great for maintaining its shape and keeping an even coverage.
  • Sonic Welds – These welded seams promise to keep water on the outside of the jacket, as they lack the holes created by traditional threaded seams.
  • Perf-Weld – Built into the Sonic Welds from above, this gives perforation to the seam, which carries moisture out of the jacket, but won’t let it back in. This is great for regulating temperatures.
  • 5 Different Pockets – The coat has a single waterproof and secure chest pocket that is great for wallets, or cell phones when they might get wet in your pants pockets. It also offers fleece-lined side pockets to keep you warm and an internal gear pocket.

What do I like about it?

1. Warmer in very cold weather

When you are looking for a coat, this has to be the #1 aspect of the coat that you are likely looking for, and thankfully this one holds up to that! While I liked the lightweight feel of this Ibex that I reviewed recently (even they say it is meant as a mid-layer in colder weather), it couldn’t hold up to the sub-zero temperatures that we had recently, and instead, this FORLOH became my go-to during those times.

It gives an even warmth throughout the jacket, yet it allows you to maintain a good temperature inside of the coat, even when you are going inside and outside regularly.

2. Breathable

One big downside to a lot of different down-style puffer jackets is that they are not breathable.

That just isn’t the case with this coat. Mixing the high-quality duck down, Sonic Welds, and the additional FORLOH exclusive Perf-Welds gives you warmth but doesn’t sacrifice breathability. I didn’t find myself sweating, or feeling damp after wearing the coat, even for extended periods.

This coat does hold up to how they advertise it in this arena, making it perfect for someone that needs an awesome everyday coat, not just for hunting.

3. USA Made

I wanted to make sure that this was as high up on the list of items that I like as I could, as I think it is something that sets this coat apart from the competition. Not only is this coat made in the USA, they even source as many of the materials here as possible. For example, they source the duck from an Amish duck farmer in Indiana.

While most clothing is quickly moving out of the USA in pursuit of driving down costs and raising profits, this coat (and company) is a stand-out brand that is here to give Americans jobs, while also making sure that their products are to a standard.

Please Note: Yes, I know – and agree – if a company can drive down costs by importing their products, that means more jobs for marketing, sales, administrative, etc. However, there is something different about building a product here.

4. Dressier styling, works for a lot of occasions

While this coat is primarily built with hunters and outdoorsmen in mind, I appreciate its styling. It is refined, the material stands out as high quality, and it works on a variety of different occasions. The coat is just as at home working on the truck, as it is going shopping in town or going to a fancy(ish) dinner.

The coat isn’t too glossy, making it look higher quality, but it also isn’t completely matte, to the point that it feels like a normal winter coat.

I think this coat hits the perfect balance of style and practicality.

5. Durable Materials

The moment you pick this coat up, you know it is different from lower-end coats. All of the materials feel extremely durable, high quality, and built to last. I do not doubt that you can spend hours working, hunting, using, and beating on this coat, and not have to worry about getting damaged.

It should be noted though, I haven’t spent much time beating on this coat… so I can’t confirm this, however, I have been using it for a couple of months regularly now, with no signs of wear.

What don’t I like about it?

1. The fit is a bit off

At this time in my life, I fit squarely in a size Large coat. All of the coats I have been using lately are Large, and it doesn’t cause any issue. However, I have noticed that this FORLOH seems to be a bit on the smaller side for me when compared to other coats that I use. I wouldn’t necessarily say in any specific place, but just overall fits a bit smaller.

This is more noticeable when I have something as a mid-layer underneath the coat. That said, I don’t feel that I needed to go up a size on the coat, as it does fit well, but just a bit smaller than others.

2. High Price Point

There is no way around it, having a price point right under $400 hits hard. Not many people can afford to purchase a single coat at this price point, and it can be a bit difficult to justify.

That said, with all of the upsides we talked about earlier (including it being American-Made), I do think that the value is there for those that need a coat like this one.

Just be aware, it is a puffer jacket, and from a smaller brand… you won’t be impressing anyone like some bigger names out there, however (if impressing your friends doesn’t matter to you) you will know that you have a high-quality jacket.

3. Doesn’t have a hood

Having a coat with a hood is a choice. It changes the styling of the coat, makes it less dressy, and doesn’t work on as many occasions. However, I do find myself wishing it had a hood quite regularly.

As you can see in the pictures (and video review of this coat farther up the article)… I don’t have any hair, and keeping my head warm can be a struggle sometimes. I always have to make sure I have a hat when wearing this coat during the winter.


The FORLOH ThermoNeutral Down Jacket is an expensive, yet high-quality puffer jacket that is one of the best in its class. It offers plenty of features that make it practical, moisture free, and comfortable for whoever might want to invest in a coat like this one.

You likely won’t regret your purchase if you choose this coat, just know that it will be an investment in a coat that will last for years.

FORLOH Thermoneutral Down Jacket
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.