Here’s Why Camping Is Better Than Hotels

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Camping is a great way to explore and embrace all that nature has to offer. If you have yet to try camping, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you choose to book a hotel for your next holiday. 

Here are just a few reasons why camping beats staying at a hotel every time. 

1. Camping Is Way Cheaper

Although you have to buy a tent and all the gear, camping for a few nights can still work out cheaper than staying in a hotel for just a few nights.

Once you have your camping gear, you can use it repeatedly and only pay the small fees for a pitch. That beats any loyalty discount a hotel chain can offer!

2. 360 Degree View of Nature

You may have to pay extra for a hotel with a balcony. However, with camping, you get to choose your view and experience a 360-degree view of nature.

You are immersed in the wild, something that no balcony or concrete jungle can replicate. 

3. Free to be anywhere you want to be

Of course, you may choose to return to one campsite as it is a great base and has plenty close by. However, once you have all the camping gear, you can take it with you anywhere.

No longer do you have to rely on finding a motel or hotel. You can go off the beaten track and not worry about finding civilization or relying on someone else to shelter you. 

4. Unplugging, and relaxing away from the world

It can be all too easy to plug in your phone and connect to the hotel’s wifi as soon as you are back in a hotel room. While camping, you do not have such luxuries.

You can truly relax without the distraction of wifi or television. By taking away the temptation, you can harness a child-like wonder at the beauty of the natural world and take time to observe and experience the planet that we live on. 


Because it is back to basics, it is cheaper and gives your mind a real holiday. Not just a comfortable night’s sleep away from home.

Besides, the only noisy neighbors you have to worry about is the bird call waking you up in the morning (if you are lucky, they will wake you up in time for sunrise).