5 Things You Didn’t Know About Aeropress

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The Aeropress coffee makers are an awesome innovation in the coffee maker world. It is extremely flexible in the types of coffee you can maker, and is ultra portable. This became even more portable with the Go version of the coffee maker, that you can read about here.

[Image courtesy of Aeropress]

Because of all of this, I was excited to talk with Aeropress and they sent me over the 5 things that they thought their customers would like to know about them!

So here we have it, the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Aeropress!

1. Who invented the AeroPress coffee maker and the AeroPress Go travel coffee press?

Engineer and AeroPress, Inc. President Alan Adler. Today Alan holds over 40 patents. He has designed a huge range of things including instrumentation systems for military aircraft, nuclear reactors, and submarines, a paraboloid lens for telescopes, and dozens of flutes, not to mention his boats, Aerobie sport toys, and AeroPress coffee makers. He’s been a guest lecturer at colleges, well known space programs, one of the largest tech companies, and an aeronautical society in London. Alan’s great passion is inventing, and he’s been at it since he was 13 years old!

I think it is really awesome to hear that the Aeropress is among so many different inventions that have helped make our lives better and easier.

It sounds like Alan would be a great person to sit down and just hear all of the experiences he has while traveling and inventing everything he has made.

2. Where was the AeroPress coffee maker invented?

It’s a classic Silicon Valley “maker” story, actually – it was invented in Alan’s garage! Alan spent a couple of years teaching himself all about coffee and tinkering with over 30 prototypes before he came up with the design of the original AeroPress coffee maker.

As you can see in the image at the top of this article, it doesn’t look like each of these prototypes were just small changes, but over all design changes! He really does seem to enjoy his product and what he made.

This is a good thing too! Because his customer’s seem to enjoy it too.

3. Where do you manufacture the AeroPress coffee maker and the AeroPress Go?

We make all of our products right here in the USA!

I actually was highly surprised by this one! I never would have imagined that this would have stayed in the USA for production, and was happy to see this. This means more American jobs, and a closer watch on quality.

4. What’s the difference between the original AeroPress and the new AeroPress Go?

The AeroPress Go has the same basic functionality for brewing delicious coffee as the original

AeroPress, but it’s a more compact version that packs up into its own mug with a fitted silicone lid. That means you can brew straight into the mug, enjoy your coffee, and then pack everything back up into the mug and toss it into your backpack or suitcase when it comes time to head out. The Go also has some slightly different accessories. The stir stick that comes with the Go folds up to fit inside the mug, and the Go also comes with a travel filter holder that can hold up to 20 paper filters. It’s delicious AeroPress-brewed coffee, but optimized for traveling, work and the outdoors.

Aeropress has successfully made their product even more to-go able! I like that you can now take your Aeropress not just on trips, but now out hiking, on road trips and so much more. Being able to have everything self contained is awesome, and not many other coffee makers are able to do that.

5. What’s a fun fact about AeroPress coffee makers that some people may not know?

That they’re a worldwide phenomenon! AeroPress coffee makers are sold in over 80 countries around the world. Plus, they’ve inspired their own range of fan-organized AeroPress Championships, where people compete to brew the most delicious cup of coffee using their AeroPress for a panel of judges. Last season, there were national Championships held in 64 countries!

This is really awesome, it must feel really cool to have fan-organized competitions surrounding your product, and I am sure that Alan feels that price, and it is well deserved.


So there you have it! These are the 5 things you didn’t know about Aeropress. Make sure to read through some other articles I have about Aeropress! You can read about how to use it here, about the normal Aeropress, and the Aeropress Go here.

I would highly recommend anyone buy one of these, and try it for yourself! It’s easy to buy at Walmart.