5 Things You Didn’t Know About Steelhead Outdoors

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If you have spent any time following this site, you probably have noticed I really do like modular gun safes. They offer so many upsides that other gun safes just can’t offer because of how they are built.

I recently stumbled upon Steelhead Outdoors, and have worked with them to put together this article! If you haven’t heard of Steelhead Outdoors in the past, here are the 5 things they wish you knew about them.

[Image courtesy of Steelhead Outdoors]

1. Steelhead Outdoors was founded by 2 engineers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and gun guys.  

We were looking for a safe that was American made, adaptable, and offered a superior level of security.  We had trouble finding a safe on the market to fit all of our needs, so we decided to build our ideal safe.

The recipe for a great company is that someone has a need, realizes there isn’t a solution to it, figures out that others have the same need, and then solves it.

That is what we are seeing here with Steelhead Outdoors. There really isn’t a high quality, USA made, modular gun safe manufacturer out there that has a fire rating.

It is really cool to see 2 enthusiasts solving this problem.

2. The Nomad Series is the ONLY American made, take apart, fire insulated gun safe on the market.  

We are proud to manufacture our safes in Minnesota, and to maximize value to the customer we sell our safes factory directly via our website.  We have affordable shipping options to anywhere in the Lower 48.

Now you may be asking yourself after hearing this one, doesn’t Zanotti Armor fall into this category? Nope, they don’t offer any form of true fire rating.

If you want a fire rating, and the modular gun safe capability, Snapsafe is your only other option (or the Interloc XP). Downside to that though, is that you are getting two layers of steel put together to create their thick steel, and they are imported safes. However Steelhead offers true steel, and is USA made.

Steelhead Outdoors gives you the best of both worlds in their products.

3. Nomad Safes features a patent pending fire insulated dual wall construction.  

This offers many advantages.  First the interior was made completely of metal with a textured coating applied.  This gives a completed safe that is virtually free of all flammable components like carpet, felt or plywood and offers additional theft protection by nature of the dual wall construction. 

The dry insulation with additional radiant heat shield will produce no steam during a fire so it will not damage the contents by subjecting them to chemical rich steam. The metal interior has integrated shelving and accessory brackets on the back and door offering endless opportunities for customization.

Honestly this doesn’t need much of a comment! It is obvious they have looked at the pros and cons of all of the other safes on the market, whether they are modular or standard welded safes, and decided to find ways to improve upon them.

This is definitely one of the upsides of buying something from a new company, they are able to adapt quickly.

4. The safes feature many unique security features.  

First the door cannot be removed by removing the hinges.  There is an integrated 100% contact area full length locking bar.  The active locking plates are 1/2 inch thick, giving tremendous contact area increase over round bars. 

There is a ball bearing drill plate protecting the lock featuring 78 captured ball bearings to destroy any attacking drill bits.  The handle features a unique slip clutch mechanism to protect the interior components from outside force.  The door features a massive recess of over 1 inch to make pry attacks all but impossible.  

For the price of this safe, these are some impressive features! More specifically the ball bearing drill plate. You normally would only find this in only the most premium of safes.

5. Our safes are ready for wherever life takes you!

We offer 2 stock models that ship flat on a pallet, are easily moved into place and installed by 2 people.  Our safes are adaptable to your lifestyle and ready to go with you wherever the next adventure takes you. 

For the first time you don’t have to sacrifice security, fire protection or American quality for mobility.  Don’t leave your safe behind, simply take it apart and pack it out. 

This statement above really does spell out exactly why I personally like modular gun safes in general.

They offer so many great features, with a design that works for so many people.

If you have ever tried to move a gun safe in any way, you will likely understand why a modular design isn’t more standard in the industry.


Modular gun safes are a big deal, they allow anyone to own a gun safe, and be able to take it with them instead of having to sell it with the house when they move.

Steelhead Outdoors is a welcome entrance to the industry, and I look forward to seeing what other safes they have to offer moving forward!
They are so good, I added them onto my list of best modular gun safes that you will find at this link.

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