What is zero day hiking? [You Need To Know]

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Hiking is an excellent way to have a self-sufficient adventure. However, it does put a lot of strain on your body. Hiking miles a day through rugged terrain followed by sleeping in the wilderness will cause your muscles to ache and no matter how well-fitting your boots are mat result in blisters and sores.

So what is zero day hiking? Zero-day hiking is your rest day. You can choose to plan it before you leave or decide to listen to your body and give yourself 24 hours for your muscles to recover. A zero-day hike is an opportunity to stop for a day and build up your strength to go again.

What can you do on your zero day hike?

Often a zero day hiking will be spent in a town. Potentially treating yourself to a motel for the night to feel the luxury of a real bed and even enjoy a proper shower and clean your clothes.

It can also be used to stock up on provisions, whether that is extra food or buying any equipment you may have forgotten or broken.

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You can, of course, spend a zero day hiking where you woke up that morning. If you have found an exceptionally peaceful spot and do not need any additional resources, you can make the most of it and stay where you are for a day letting your body recuperate. 

You may also have heard the term zero day hiking. This is where you choose to do nearly zero miles of hiking.

Perhaps you have camped close to a town and still need to hike a few miles in the morning, where you can then rest for the remainder of the day.

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No matter how strong-willed and determined you are to reach your destination. You must make the most of zero day hiking during longer treks.

You need to give your body a chance to recover and perhaps afford yourself some luxuries of modern civilization, such as a power shower.