Top 6 Best Budget Gun Safes Under $800 in 2023

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Shopping for a quality gun safe has never been more difficult, with prices going up, quality going down, and availability of products being more scarce than ever, it is just hard to find an awesome safe on a budget. I am sure you have surfed around the web looking for a quality gun safe, but with so many brands on the market, its hard to know which ones are any good.

With my years of experience in the gun safe industry, I have put together this article to help you find an awesome safe within a budget of $800. While it may be hard to get the best of safes on this budget, I have been able to find some safes that I would trust in my own home. So without further to-do, here they are!

1. SecureIt Agile Model 52

Best Overall & Best Gun Cabinet

Dimensions52″ High by 20.25″ Wide by 15.25″ Deep
Weight105 pounds
Steel Gauge14 Gauge

This safe in fact used to be at the top of the list on my gun safes under $600, however it unfortunately has had to go up in price, and is now my favorite option under $800. If you made it over to this article from the best gun safes under $600, then I would highly recommend seeing if you can eek out a bit more to get this one.

At 52″ high, and 14 gauge steel it may not be the bulkiest of gun safes on the market, but this gun cabinet offers tons of features for the price.

Outside of just the high quality that SecureIt is known for, it also offers an awesome modular interior (called CradleGrid), which allows you to add bins, pistol hooks and tons of other accessories to the back panel, it also makes it so your firearms are incredibly easy to access, rather than being stuck in the back of your safe.

On top of the modular interior, the safe itself is a modular gun safe as well. This means that it arrives at your home flat, and you are able to build it wherever you want in your home, resulting in less people needed to build it, and more possibilities for the location of the safe.

2. SecureIt Agile Model 40

Best Compact Gun Safe

Dimensions40″ High by 20.25″ Wide by 15.25″ Deep
Weight100 pounds
Steel Gauge14 Gauge

If you liked the Agile Model 52 above, but either don’t quite have the budget for that one, or you want something a bit more compact, then the Agile Model 40 is your best bet.

It carries over all of the same features as the safe above, such as the CradleGrid interior, the modular build, the same gauge steel and more, but essentially makes it shorter.

While it can be used completely on its own, it also is built to be able to be placed on top of an existing Model 52 (which takes both safes up to 92″ high). If you already have a Model 52, and are looking to further expand your storage, this could be a great option.

3. Fortress 8-Gun Gun Safe

Best Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

Dimensions55″ High by 18.5″ Wide by 15.25″ Deep
Weight215 pounds
Steel Gauge12 Gauge

This is in fact the only fire resistant gun safe on this list! Fire rating a gun safe is both expensive to add to the safe, but the added weight is also incredibly expensive to ship as well. Because of this, there aren’t many high quality gun safes on the market under the $800 budget in this article (you might want to bump your budget up if so).

That said, Fortress is a well known brand in the industry, and they do an awesome job with their safes. This electronic lock gun safe has an 8 gun capacity, and has a 30 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees, and 12 gauge steel.

On the inside, this is a no-frills gun safe, with a single shelf up top, and no door organizer. You can’t expect much from the only higher quality gun safe under $800.

4. ‎Barska AX13646

Best Biometric Safe

Dimensions55.12″ High by 15.04″ Wide by 15.87″ Deep
Weight107.8 pounds
Steel Gauge14 Gauge

I normally am not a fan of biometric gun safes due to their failure rate, however I can see the merit for those that do like them. That said, if I were to get a full-size biometric safe within this budget, a Barska would be at the top of my list.

They have been making budget minded safes with awesome biometric locks for years now, with great success.

This is one of their smaller options on the market, which keeps it within the $800 you are hoping to achieve! With 14 gauge steel, a biometric lock (with keypad and key backup), an alarm system (if tampered with), this really is a great value for what it is.

Again, don’t expect much on the interior, as it is quite sparse, but for the price, it is well worth giving up the extras for the peace of mind.

5. Vaultek MXi

Best Pistol Safe

Dimensions15″ High by 11.5″ Wide by 11.6″ Deep
Weight32 pounds
Steel Gauge12 Gauge

Shopping for a full-size gun safe under $800 is becoming increasingly difficult. If you don’t necessarily need that much space, you might want to think about getting a high end pistol safe. There isn’t any better than the Vaultek MXi.

This safe is extremely high tech, as it offers tamper alerts (to your phone), multiple access options (biometric, phone access, keypad, smart key, and even a physical key port), and it has a 12 gauge door with a 14 gauge exterior.

Of course, it also is one of the larger pistol safes on the market as well, and is able to keep up to eight handguns on the interior of the safe. Or you can utilize it in different ways with its modular interior.

These safes are no joke, and Vaultek makes some fantastic, high end gun safes that are meant to last.

6. Stealth B3000 Floor Safe

Best Floor Safe

Dimensions12.5″ High by 14.5″ Wide by 21.5″ Deep
Weight100 pounds
Steel Gauge12 Gauge

If all else fails, whether it be that you can’t find a great option within your budget, or you can’t find a place in your house to put a safe, a floor safe is an awesome option for you.

This Stealth B3000 is one of the best options out there in your budget, with a 12 gauge steel body and a 1/2″ door (quite impressive). It utilizes a high quality mechanical lock (doesn’t need batteries), and is quite spacious, considering it is a floor safe.

The safe is also made right here in the USA, and has a gas strut that helps open the door up easily.

Stealth Tactical is a newer brand on the block, but they are high quality, and build some awesome safes.


So there you have it! Based on my experience, these would be the best safes under $800 that you can buy today. Of course, pricing changes constantly, however hopefully these safes stay put on their pricing for now. I hope this helped you out, and helped you find the right safe for your purposes.

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