Here’s How A Gun Safe Will Ruin Your Carpet [Worth It]

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Shopping for a gun safe that has exactly the right specifications, and capacity that you are looking for is a difficult task, however there are even more things that you should think about.

This includes items like getting the safe through the door, who is going to move it, and even if your safe will ruin the carpeting in your home. Let’s take a closer look at that last point.

So will a gun safe ruin carpet? If you are installing a gun safe correctly, a gun safe unfortunately will damage, or ruin your carpeting. This is due to the need for bolting the safe through the carpet, as well as the weight of the safe deforming and compressing the carpet down.

Bolting down the safe

[Safe Image courtesy of Browning]

For some reason, bolting a gun safe to the floor seems to be a disputed point. However, hands down, this can be the main thing that will keep your gun safe from either being stolen (yes, its not the hard to steal a safe that isn’t bolted down), or pried open on the scene (a safe that is tipped on its back is easier to pry open).

However the downside to this, is that if you have carpeting in your home, the anchor bolts will have to go through your carpeting, causing damage and ruining that portion of your carpeting. If you don’t take any precautions, the bolts will go through the carpet and twist the threads around the bolt in the process.

We’ll talk a little bit more, later in this article on how to minimize this damage. However it is important to know, there will be some damage no matter what you do.

Don’t have the gear yet to bold down the safe into your home? The three items below are exactly what you need to get the job done. It’s a simple job that just takes and anchor kit, cordless drill, and a larger drill bit.

Weight of the safe

The second thing that will likely cause some permanent damage to your carpeting when installing a safe into your home (regardless of weight), is that it will press down on your carpet for an indefinite amount of time.

This will cause the fabrics to take an unnatural shape, and there will always be an obvious spot where the safe was placed for that period of time.

Ways to minimize the damage

Now that you are aware there will always be damage to your carpeting, there are two ways you can minimize damage to your carpet: Cutting out small holes in the carpet where the anchor bolts are, or to just remove the carpeting all together around the safe itself.

1. Cut small holes where the anchor bolts will go

Before installing your safe, take a template from the anchor holes within your safe, and mark those holes on the carpet. Then separate the pile from where the holes will go, and drill a ¼ hole into the base of the carpet.

You will be able to then place the safe exactly above those holes, and drill through them with the anchor bolts.

This will keep the bolts from twisting the surrounding carpet threads around the bolt, and minimize damage.

Once you move the gun safe from that area, theoretically the pile around the hole will hide the holes from the anchor bolts.

Unfortunately this method won’t help with the safe’s weight deforming the carpeting though.

2. Remove carpet under the safe, and save it

This method on the other hand, will both help both with the holes in the carpet, as well as with the weight of the safe deforming the carpet.

If you are well versed with a measuring tape, and a carpet knife, you should be able to take the exact dimensions of the safe, and cut a safe sized hole perfectly where the safe will be placed in the carpet. Then save that carpet, and put it back whenever you remove the safe from that place, or your home.

Of course, with this method, you are taking a large risk of the square of carpeting being noticable. However it is always an option.

Personally, I would take option 1 of these two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my floor support a gun safe?

Different homes can support different amounts of weight, however most homes should have no problem supporting a gun safe. That said, always check with an architect if you are at all worried about your home having a problem with the weight of a gun safe. Alternatively take a look at lightweight gun safes.

Where is the best place to put a gun safe?

The best place to put a gun safe is out of sight, and away from anyone that can see it. Guest bedrooms, basements, or dens are great places to consider. Just make sure that room is easily accessible from throughout the house, so you can gain access quickly.

Can you put a gun safe in an unheated garage?

You should be able to put your safe in an unheated garage, as long as you have a good dehumidifier installed. However the bigger issue is the garage portion, as anyone can see your safe when the garage door is opening, which hurts the security of your safe.


While damaging and ruining your carpet in some way is not feasible when buying a gun safe, it thankfully can be minimized if you pay attention.

In my opinion though, the upsides of owning an anchored safe far outweighs not owning a safe for this inconvenience when you own firearms.

Keeping your firearms safe from prying eyes, or children is something every responsible person should do.