Here’s how Good Cannon Gun Safes are

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Have you ever seen that company that used to make extremely high quality products, but now find that they just aren’t quite what they used to be, and now make cheaper products. While I personally believe that that is perfectly fine, and all gun safes are meant for someone, that is the case for Cannon Safes.

Cannon Safes nowadays offer a budget option for many people! However they are no longer the USA made, high quality oriented brand that they used to be.

What do I mean they aren’t high quality oriented?

In the past, Cannon safes tended to be higher guage steel safes, with quality locking mechanisms, automative style paint, and so much more. However now, the highest gauge steel safe they offer is 12 gauge, and is just over $2000.

In the past, they used to compete with companies like Liberty, Browning and Fort Knox with higher gauge steel, and prices to match.

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Do I think Cannon Safes are still worth it?

If you jump onto Cannon’s website, you will find only a couple different safes at the moment, however I honestly do think they are an overall great value.

The highest end version they offer, that I was discussing earlier offers an EMP redundant lock, 12 gauge steel, a 90 minute fire rating, and a nice looking 5 spoke handle. Sure its not a crazy over the top nice safe, but what it is, is a decent safe for the price!

The same can be said for their entry level safes, they all offer great specifications for the price that you pay.

My thought is always, don’t buy something without knowing what you are getting. If you are expecting a safe that they used to make, for the price that they have them at, you will be disappointed. However if you are expecting a safe based on what the price is indicative to, then you will be happy.

What are my favorite Cannon Gun Safes?

Here are my top 3 favorite Cannon Gun Safes, and links to them for you to take a look at!

Where are Cannon gun safes made?

This was actually an extremely easy answer! Cannon gun safes are made in Mexico. You’ll find confirmation of that at this link here on their site.


As long as you know what you are buying, a Cannon safe should be a great safe for you. They have years of experience in the industry, even if they aren’t using that in the high end market anymore.

Even though they are made outside the USA, they should be great for many people looking for a great value safe.