3 Ways to keep Moisture out of a Gun Safe

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Moisture isn’t good for a gun safe. There are various ways to keep moisture out of a gun safe. This article will discuss the ways of how to keep moisture out of gun safe.

Electric Dehumidifiers

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One of the ways that moisture can be kept out of a gun safe is using electric dehumidifiers. Electric dehumidifiers are electrical appliances used for reducing and maintaining humidity’s levels in the air. In order to use an electric dehumidifier, it requires a connection with the power outlet.

Gun owners can install an electric dehumidifier by mounting the dehumidifier to the wall of the gun safe, move the detachable cord through a drilled hole in the back of the gun safe, and plug the dehumidifier in.

One electric dehumidifier that will keep moisture out of a gun safe is the Golden Rod (you can buy it right here). These types of electric dehumidifiers are inexpensive. They come in 12 to 18 inches rods. They work by heating the surface temperature to 140 degrees.

When the temperature is at 140 degrees, the dehumidifier contains the temperature inside of the gun safe at a constant temperature. As the constant temperature is applied to the gun safe, it drops the humidity inside the gun safe.

This helps prevent rust from forming in the gun safe. The area of the gun safe and dehumidifier’s capacity should be kept in mind when choosing the appropriate dehumidifier. However, the main drawback of using electric dehumidifier is the cost. It’s because they’re more expensive than the non electric dehumidifiers.

Dry Rice

Dry rice is another way to keep moisture out of a gun safe. There are several reasons why using dry rice can help keep moisture out of a gun safe.

One of the reasons is because rice is a natural desiccant. It has the ability to absorb moisture from any surroundings.

When dry rice is absorbing moisture, the water vaporizes over time. One way to put dry rice is by using a bowl of dry rice and placing it inside of the gun safe.

The dry rice should be replaced every four months.

Silica Gel Packs

Silica gel packs are another option to keep moisture out. Silica gel packs like these are right here are known to be one of the affordable options to use. In silica gel packs, there are a lot of silica beads. These beads can help with absorbing the moisture and water vapors inside of a gun safe. Three silica packs can work well inside of a gun safe. The silica gel packs should never be touching any of the guns inside directly. The reason is because the silica packs can cause damage and corrosion to the metal of the gun.

It’s clear that dehumidifiers, dry rice, and silica gel packs are beneficial for keeping moisture out of gun safes. When moisture is kept out of a gun safe, the guns inside can last longer. They can also perform properly when they’re being fired at the gun range. Furthermore, these methods are used by gun owners everyday.

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