Top 12 Ways To Save Money On Gun Safes

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Buying a gun safe is no easy task, saving money when buying a gun safe is even harder. However there are ways to save money on pretty much any gun safe out there, it just takes some patience, and some know-how.

So how do you save money when shopping for a gun safe? To save money when shopping for a gun safe, you should be joining manufacturer, and retailer email lists, don’t trust that the most popular retailers have the cheapest and best pricing, and when in doubt, ask for a discount!

Let’s dig in a little more, talk about this, and give you even more ideas to start saving money on your gun safe buying journey!

1. Join email lists

Most every gun safe manufacturer and retailer out there has an email list that they send out emails to! For them, this is the best way to get people to their site looking at their products.

In these emails are regularly discounts that you may not know about unless you were on that list.

Make sure to sign up for an email list with your favorite retailers and favorite safe manufacturers to see if they will send discounts.

I personally am signed up for quite a few, and get a lot of discounts. One of my personal favorites is SecureIt Gun Storage, as they always feature different products that they are having special sales on.

2. Shop manufacturer direct

A lot of manufacturers sell their product directly on their website. Many times it’s the same or similar price as you will find anywhere else, and they will know their product better than anyone else.

Now this isn’t always the case, and in fact could be considerably more expensive than retailers! So don’t rely on this one only, and always shop around.

3. Don’t trust that major websites will have the lowest prices

Just because a retailer is huge, doesn’t mean that it is going to be the least expensive to buy from! You should always shop for your gun safe at smaller online retailers, and even local stores.

These companies are generally specialized in gun safes, and can both get you the best support, but also the best price due to their relationship with the manufacturer.

4. Ask for discounts

It never hurts to ask! If you are someone who really likes to save money, and is comfortable having an awkward conversation, then just asking for a discount is a great way to lower the price.

The easiest way to do this is to call and get someone on the phone to see if they have coupon codes, or manual discounts that they might be able to offer you.

Many retailers will also give a military discount in the gun safe industry, so make sure to make that call to see if that applies to you (do not lie about this).

5. Shop at certain times of the year

It is no secret that shopping for a gun safes at a particular time of the year can make all of the difference! You can get great deals during the Christmas season, along with black Friday and that time.

Another great time is Memorial Day, and any other veteran or military based Holiday as retailers like to give extra discounts to those people that sacrificed so much.

We actually have a full article discussing great times to buy gun safes right here!

6. Consider the cost of having movers move the safe

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

Now, as we move a bit away from retailer, and purchase point ideas, we should also talk about other costs that come along with buying a gun safe, and how to save money there.

In this case, you should always consider the cost of moving a gun safe into, and out of your home. This can cost hundreds of dollars, as it takes multiple people to make this move safely.

A great way to save money if you need to move the safe multiple times is with a good modular gun safe. These safes can be put together where you want them, and don’t require more than one or two people to make this happen.

Another great option would be to opt for a good gun cabinet, as they are considerably more lightweight than their safe brethren.

7. Buy a safe that comes with the accessories you want, instead of separate

Another thing that can be costly in your after purchase life, is accessories! Gun safe accessories can get really expensive, so shopping around for gun safes that come with accessories built in can save you a lot of money.

Another good option (along the lines of asking for a discount) is to see if retailers or manufacturers might throw in some accessories to save you so money on that side of things.

Either way, see what you can do to lower your cost by getting good deals on accessories like dehumidifiers, lights and more.

8. See if other manufacturers sell the same safe for less

It’s no small secret that many manufacturers sell the exact same safe just with different small stickers and features! So make sure that you are digging into the market to see if a different brand is selling the safe you like but for a lower price point.

9. Get quotes from manufacturers direct

Gun safes are just like anything else out there. Getting quotes, much like buying a car, may save you money.

It also will allow you to compare apples to apples if you are getting what you need. It also may allow you to negotiate pricing if you decide you don’t need specific features or accessories.

You should also know how much a good gun safe costs.

10. Shop different places for same product

Always shop around! There are tons of great retailers out there that sell the same products but for an array of pricing depending on how much they want to sell it.

11. Negotiate the sale

Negotiating is always key to getting the best price possible. Making that call, sending that email, and shopping around to get the best deal possible is imperative to negotiating yourself a good price on such an expensive item.

Just like in selling a car, the advertised price is never the final price if you don’t want it to be.

12. Don’t pay just for a brand unless it warrants it

Gun safe manufacturers are much like any other brand out there, there are really well known ones that you tend to pay for the brand on.

When shopping these safes, really compare the safes you are interested and be sure that you are buying the best value for what you are getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for a gun safe?

Gun safes can range heavily depending on what you need! That said, a good rule of thumb is that you should be spending about 10%-20% of the valuables you plan on putting into the gun safe.

Can you keep money in a gun safe?

Money is a great item to keep in your gun safe! Just make sure to follow basic steps to keep your safe from being broken into such as bolting it down, hiding it, and don’t tell anyone you have a gun safe.

Can money rot in a safe?

If you don’t purchase and use a dehumidifier in your gun safe, you might run into your money rotting! Air gets trapped in a gun safe, and the moisture separates itself from the air and settles on everything in the safe, resulting in mold.


I hope that this article helped you think about a few great ways that you can use to save yourself a bit of money when shopping for your gun safe! My top ideas for you would be to negotiate, and make the call to see if an actual person can save you a few bucks.

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