This Duffle Bag Is Perfect For Overnight Stays

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I have determined that you can never have enough bags to put things into. Revelry comes in to the rescue though, as they have bags for every situation!

The Overnighter by Revelry is an awesome smaller bag that is meant to easily store a days worth of clothing at 28 liters of storage.

With it’s longer style bag design, it can easily be put under a seat, thrown in a car, and then put in a corner.

It also is a water resistant in both the fabric but also most all of the other exterior components.

Make sure what you want to add to the bag can fit in 20″ by 11” by 11″, as those are going to be the dimensions of the bag.

Where can you buy it, and how much is it?

The Overnighter can be bought straight from Revelry from a relatively inexpensive $100 (I said relatively people).

It’s quality and design are definitely worth the price!

Make sure to shop and buy from directly from the company by clicking the button below.

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