Top 3 Gun Safes At Rural King [2023’s Buying Guide]

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Rural King is a farm and home store that is primarily on the Eastern side of the USA. They retail pretty much anything you could need on a farm, or the home on that farm!

One major thing that they sell are gun safes! Big box gun safes have a reputation for not being high quality, however I’ve taken some time to sift through their selection and choose the ones I believe would still be great options for anyone on the search for a gun safe.

1. Gettysburg Safes FG84 – 84 gun safe

One of the most popular brands at Rural King has to be the Gettysburg lineup of safes, and my personal favorite is the FG85 gun safe.

This massive safe gives you a huge capacity, with a low price tag.

Make sure to be aware though, this isn’t exactly a high end safe. It offers 14 gauge steel, a 75 minute fire rating, and 912 pounds of heft keeping it in place.

Having a hard time finding any other information about these safes? That is probably because this is a private label safe that is only sold at Rural King. I dug in depth about this brand of safes in this article you should read through as well.


  • Lock Type: Electronic Lock
  • Steel Gauge: 14 gauge steel
  • Fire Rating: 1200 degrees for 75 minutes
  • Outside Dimensions:  73″ High by 46″ Wide by 31″ Deep
  • Weight: 912 pounds

2. Sports Afield Denali Series SA59-32MD

While Gettysburg gun safes may be the most popular safes at Rural King, you can’t forget about the Sports Afield safes either.

These safes are sold elsewhere in the nation, at other retailers, and are also a great bang for the buck as well.

The steel thickness isn’t advertised, however I am going to bet it matches the above Gettysburg safe with 14 gauge steel. However it one ups the Gettysburg by offering a water rating of 7 days in up to 2′ of water.

It also has a fire rating of 40 minutes at 1200 degrees.


  • Lock Type: Electronic Lock
  • Steel Gauge: Unknown Steel
  • Fire Rating: 1200 degrees for 40 minutes
  • Outside Dimensions:  59″ High by 32″ Wide by 30″ Deep
  • Weight: 433 pounds

3. Fortress Gun Cabinet

If you are on the hunt for a cheap way to store some firearms, and only have Rural King to shop at, then the Fortress 30 gun cabinet may just be fore you.

It is about as barebones as it gets, and doesn’t even advertise the steel thickness. However I’m going to assume it is in the 18 gauge range (similar to garage cabinets).

With a key lock, a simple hinge, and a cheap plastic interior it isn’t for everyone. However if you need something in a pinch, this is a cheap way to do it while you save up for something better.


  • Lock Type: Barrel Key Lock
  • Steel Gauge: Unknown
  • Fire Rating: None
  • Outside Dimensions: 55″ high by 25.5″ wide by 20.5″ deep
  • Inside Dimensions: 55″ high by 25.5″ wide by 19.5″ deep
  • Weight: 80 pounds


Even though Rural King may be a big box retailer (like Coscto), it isn’t without some great selections of gun safes. Some of these safes give a great value to many people. With in store pickup you can save quite a bit as well (also you should use these suggestions to save some too)!

Of course, make sure you are aware of what you are buying. These safes aren’t going to be crazy high quality safes.

If you are looking for high quality safes, you might want to consider reading this article.

Don’t live by a Rural King? Maybe take a look at North 40’s selection of safes.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on May 31st, 2019. However it has been updated for accuracy, and to further discuss the subject.